I/we agree to continue to be bound by all the rules, regulations, standing orders, agreements, resolutions and decisions which are now in force or may be adopted by the Master Plumbers' Association of Queensland ('the Association') in the future from time to time.

I/we acknowledge that the Association permits me/us to display the Association logo to indicate the Company's membership of the Association and the Maintenance and Construction Contractors Group (in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Association) and the Association shall allow access to Association goods and services provided that I/we remain a financial member of the Association in good standing.

I/we agree to payment of the joining fee for the Maintenance and Construction Contractors Group ($200 ex. GST) and that payment must be made prior to the first meeting date to ensure finalisation of membership to the group.

I/we acknowlegde that membership of the Maintenance and Construction Contractors Group is dependent on the continuation of a Contracting MPAQ membership. This contracting membership must remain active and financial at all times to ensure continued inclusion in the Maintenance and Construction Contractors Group .


I/we agree that the Association may disclose personal information collected by the Association to other related entities of the Association, any network created by the Master Plumbers across Australia and its Member Associations, any other like associations in Australia, and product and service partners of the Association for marketing, research or other uses, including without limitation:

  1. The provision of improved services to the Association including:
    1. Billing and account management;
    2. Business planning and product development; and
    3. To provide you with information about promotions, as well as the products and services of Association partner organisations;
  2. The distribution of regular publications; and
  3. In conjunction with the Association's website for the display of contact details.

You have the right to access personal information collected about you. You may also request the Association to access or change any personal information held about you at your cost. The Association shall comply with its Privacy Policy.


  1. You must pay for all goods and services purchased from the Association within 28 days of placing such order, regardless of any date of delivery or date on the invoice. The Association may vary these credit conditions depending on the goods or services. Continued use of the Association's services after notification of the changes is subject to those changes.
  2. You agree to personally guarantee payment in full of all debts incurred with the Association in the terms as set out below.
  3. The Association may suspend services without prior notice where you default in payment. The Association may charge interest on on any unpaid amounts at 15%p.a. accrued from the payment due date to the date of the payment, and you shall also be liable to pay all debt collection expenses reasonably incurred by the Association, including legal costs on a solicitor/own client basis.

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