2023 Charity Partner

In 2023, MPAQ are excited to be supporting Variety - the Children's Charity as our 2023 Charity Partner. 



Thank you for your support throughout 2023!

MPAQ is pleased to announce that with the support of everyone who attended our key events throughout 2023, we were able to raise $23,500 to support the good work of Variety - The Children's Charity. This sets the record for the highest amount that MPAQ has raised for any charity.



A message from Karyn Hicks, General Manager of Variety - The Childrens Charity of Queensland:

The unwavering commitment of the members, staff, and partners of MPAQ to fundraise on behalf of Variety – the Children's Charity promises to catalyse transformative change for children in need across Queensland. Through your dedicated efforts, MPAQ has emerged as a beacon of hope, offering vital support to children who are sick, disadvantaged, or living with a disability. The funds raised by MPAQ enables Variety Queensland to provide life-changing equipment, programs, and experiences to more Queensland children, ensuring that no child is left behind. MPAQ's impact extends far beyond financial contributions; it embodies a community's collective effort to uplift and empower the most vulnerable, creating a brighter future for Queensland's children in need.


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