MPAQ Corporate Associate Committee

Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland (MPAQ) with support of the MPAQ Council developed a committee called the MPAQ Corporate Associate Committee (MCAC) in November 2017.

Purpose of the MCAC

The purpose of the MCAC is to address current and topical issues facing products and their supply in the plumbing and gas fitting industry in Queensland. Membership of the committee will be open to all financial MPAQ Corporate Associates. With changes to the Non-conforming products legislation it is imperative that all Associates are across the new changes and what they mean for you. 

Role of the MCAC

The Role of the MCAC is to:

  • ensure that a topic’s scope aligns with the requirements of stakeholder groups;
  • address issues that has major implications for the industry; and
  • keep the defined scope under control as emergent issues force changes to be considered

Role of individual MCAC associates

The role of the individual member of the MCAC includes:

  • understand the strategic implications and outcomes of initiatives being pursued through the defined scope outputs;
  • appreciate the significance of the defined scope for some or all major stakeholders;
  • be an advocate for the scopes outcomes.

Frequency of Meetings

The MCAC will meet three-four times a year. Increased meetings may be required during legislative reviews. The opinions, actions and outcomes will be reported to the MPAQ Council meeting as an ongoing agenda item. There is no additional costs to join the committee.

Proxies to Meetings

Members of the MCAC shall nominate a proxy to attend a meeting if the member is unable to attend. The Chair will be informed of the substitution at least one (1) working days prior to the scheduled nominated meeting.

Call to Action

To participate in the committee you can nominate yourself or your representative, by sending your email and contact number to and a calendar invite for the upcoming meeting will be circulated to you. 

If you would like to discuss the MCAC further please contact Penny Cornah on 0418 724 457 or via email

MPAQ Platinum Corporate Supporters

Reece - Platinum Corporate Supporter
WFI - Platinum Corporate Supporter
ZIP - Platinum Corporate Supporter
RWC - Platinum Corporate Supporter
Kembla  - Platinum Corporate Supporter
Tradelink - Platinum Corporate Supporter
Toyota - Platinum Corporate Supporter
TSTCA - Platinum Corporate Supporter
Austbrokers Comsure - Platinum Corporate Supporter
Rheem - Platinum Corporate Supporter
CAROMA - Platinum Corporate Supporter
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