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MPAQ Charge Out Calculator

Undercharging is easy to do if you do not start with the correct cost base. This calculator should be viewed in conjunction with the MPAQ Guide to Calculating Charge Out Rates to assist you in calculating charge out rates for your business that assist with the growth and profitability of your plumbing business.

Click here to download the MPAQ Guide to Calculating Charge Out Rates.

Please contact MPAQ on 07 3273 0800 or at info@mpaq.com.au if you have any questions. You can also contact Xact Accounting for specific accounting advice on 07 3124 8680.


  1. MPAQ Members Only - click here to download the calculator, if you are not an MPAQ Member - enter your details below to download the calculator
  2. On the Employee Costs worksheet, fill in your employee costs to work out the chargeable rate for an employee based on their actual working hours and how many of these hours you can actually charge to a customer
  3. Optional - Work out your overhead costs (or enter your overhead % if you already know this amount) on the Business Expenses Worksheet
  4. Enter your desired gross profit margin, which will give you the required charge out rate to cover your business expenses and maintain your desired profit margin
  5. Optional - Use the Material Mark-up worksheet to help you work out a margin to apply to materials that you on-charge to customers    


This calculator is intended as an industry guide only and should be adapted according to individual circumstances. We recommend that you consider your actual business needs and obtain independent, formal advice according to your individual business circumstances.

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