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Workplace Relations

Coronavirus Information for Tradespeople

The impact of Coronavirus is wide ranging within the building and construction industry, with effects to be inevitably felt within the supply chain and to employment conditions and safety.

In the face of the uncertainty that has been placed on the building industry and community as a whole, MPAQ wants to ensure members are armed with the information and knowledge they need to protect themselves, their business and their workforce. As an industry association, we take our role of representing and supporting members very seriously.

We’ve also been working hard behind the scenes ensuring the MPAQ team are well aware of their roles and precautionary measures so that we can be as ready as possible to serve members during this period.

We’ve implemented policies and put in place contingency plans to ensure both our staff remain safe and we continue to deliver essential services and advice for members. We’ll continue to make adjustments as the situation evolves and changes.

Some of the immediate items you can address include:

  • Contact your customers for upcoming jobs: 
    • Reassure them that you are on track to commence their jobs on time and are following Work Health and Safety Workplace Risk Management guidelines regarding the virus and have the required PPE/Antibacterials you need to complete them.
    • Ask them any necessary questions like have you recently returned from overseas travel, have you been in contact with any person who has tested positive for COVID-19, have you been unwell, are you in self quarantine.
    • If the client answers yes to any of these and the company takes on the job you need to ensure their employees are protected under their workplace health and safety obligations.
    • NOTE: MPAQ have created an information sheet for customers that members are welcome to download and use when visiting properties or sites. Click here to download.
  • Ensure you have a secure supply of consumables/materials/hardware for your upcoming jobs. Contact your suppliers where needed for assurances. 
  • Contact any subcontractors that you need to work with for the above jobs and check their situation.
  • Contact any main contractors/customers that owe you money now (while they are still working) and ask for settlement to preserve your cashflow.
  • Explore other sources of work and job leads to make up for any cancellations.
  • Follow the Australian Governement Health and Safety guidelines on Coronavirus to keep yourself and your families safe.  
  • Be aware that should you fall ill or you are concerned that you are ill, the Goverment has a helpline available to advise the best course of action.
  • If you’re an employer within the industry:
    • You need to be across the questions you may be asked regarding coming to work and workplace risk management, according to Australian workplace laws.
    • Workers and their employers must follow the government guidelines regarding self-quarantine periods, with workers required to notify their employer should self-quarantine be required.
    • Employers are also responsible for identifying and managing work health and safety risks, which includes exposure to the virus. Businesses and their workers should be familiar with how to prevent the spread of infection.
    • Employers should consider measures such as providing hand washing facilities or alcohol-based hand sanitiser, tissues and cleaning supplies and generally promoting good hygiene practices.

For more information, please contact our Workplace Relations team on 07 3273 0800. MPAQ will keep members apprised of information via email as it becomes available.

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