Save over $2,500 on training!

MPAQ members (excluding associate retired and associate apprentices) are eligible for a discount* on MPAQ courses. 

*Eligibility requirements - In order to access this discount you must fulfil one of the following eligibility requirements:

  • You must be a full contracting member for at least one year if paying for membership monthly; or 
  • You must pay for your membership upfront for one year. 


Accredited Courses
Course code and title Member cost Non-member cost Total saving
CPCPWT4022 Commission and maintain backflow prevention devices $740 $1,060 $320
CPCPWT4023 Commission and maintain hot and heated water temperature control devices (TMV) $560 $910 $350
CPCPCM4011 Carry out work-based risk control processes $648 $844 $196
CPCPGS4011 Design and size consumer gas installations $969 $1,273 $304
CPCPCM4012 Estimate and cost work $648 $844 $196
CPCPGS4022 Service Type A gas appliances $1,295 $1,795 $500
BSBESB402 Establish legal and risk management requirements of new business ventures $360 $460 $100
MSMSS00019 Operate a drain cleaning system (Skill set) $700 $865 $165


Non-Accredited Courses
Course code and title Member cost Non-member cost Total saving
Backflow Revalidation $220 $330 $110
Course in Evaluating and Planning the Installation of Solar and Heat Pump Water Systems $375 $660 $285


CSQ Funding may be available to save further on training costs.

Click here for eligibility requirements


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