Ascot Pipe Relining


Ascot pipe relining, available to be subcontracted to plumbers, builders and private property owners.

Ascot plumbing is a friendly reliable, family run business run on the north side of Brisbane. They have a proven track record of 30 years in the plumbing industry, Roger Jones the owner is an experienced master plumber with an astute reputation.

Over the years, having found a number of plumbing issues that require excavation to repair old and damaged waste pipes underground, he has started a relining business to help customers with particularly difficult jobs.

This new division of Ascot Plumbing is called Ascot Pipe Relining. Ascot Pipe Relining has new age drain cleaning and repair equipment.  This enables them to complete broken or damaged pipe repairs under concrete and difficult places to access.  Whether it be under the floor of a commercial kitchen or a domestic property, fully eliminating all disturbance of the property’s infrastructure.  No concrete cutting, no excavation, no disruption to the residence in or around the property, equaling less stress and more economical investment.

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