Isolation for installations in Educational Institutions and Commercial Kitchens



As part of the updates to AS/NZS 5601.1:2022, we will have a closer look at Clauses and

In educational institutions such as schools or colleges where appliances without flame safeguard are used, a means of isolation needs to be provided including all of the following:

  • A readily accessible quarter turn isolation valve installed at the inlet of the installation
  • An electrically operated solenoid valve controlled by a timing device set for the intended duration of use
  • A readily accessible emergency stop button connected to the solenoid valve with a key operated reset function – this is to ensure that no gas flows to the installation after restoring power following a power outage
  • Signage adjacent to the emergency stop button
  • Operating instructions for the emergency stop button
  • The system shall require pressure proving of the downstream installation prior to restoring the gas supply. Please note, there are many products on the market that provide pressure proving solenoids to ensure gas isn’t turned on until all open ends are closed.

Suggested wording for the signage is – “GAS INSTALLATION: Turn off when gas is not in use or in the case of emergency. Burfore turning on, ensure all the appliances (e.g. Bunsen burners) are turned off.”

Please see the example below:

Clause gives us clarity on isolation for commercial kitchen installations.

Where more than one commercial catering appliance is to be connected, either of the following shall be provided:

  • A single quarter turn manual isolation vales shall be provided to isolate all the appliances. The valve should be readily accessible and clearly identified.
  • A readily accessible emergency stop button, which is clearly identified with a notice, shall be wired to an electronically operated solenoid valve with a key reset function. This will ensure no gas flows to the installation after restoring power following a power outage.

Suggested wording for the notice is – “GAS ISOLATION: Turn off when gas is not in use or in the case of an emergency. Before turning on, ensure all appliances are tuned off.”

Please see the example below:


For further information, please reach out to the Technical Team at MPAQ.


Stuart McConnell
Stuart McConnell Technical Officer

Stuart brings over twenty years of on the tools experience to his role as Technical Officer at MPAQ. An Engineering Technician in Plumbing, Gas and Mechanical services from the UK, Stuart has lived and worked in Brisbane since emigrating in 2017. Stuart is a licensed Plumber holding endorsements in Backflow prevention, Thermostatic mixing valves and Solar and Heat pumps in addition to a full Type A gas work license and has a keen interest in green renewable energy. Stuart is also a qualified Trainer & Assessor and is involved in developing and delivering course material for the MPAQ training department.

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