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Qld State Election Decided | Plumbing a Priority

MPAQ would like to congratulate Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and the Labor Government on winning the Queensland state election.

In Labor’s previous term, MPAQ collaborated with the government which saw at least four significant wins for our industry, including:

  • The introduction of the Service Trades Council
  • The introduction of Non-Conforming Products legislation (which enforces Point of Sale legislation in Queensland)

    • It is now an offence under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 to supply products in Queensland that don’t have Watermark certification

  • The Introduction for Security of Payments

    • The introduction of Project Bank Accounts on all government projects valued at between $1 million and $10 million to ensure security of payments for subcontractors

  • Amendments to the orientation of collectors for Solar Heated Water Systems

    • A specific variation to allow the installation of collector panels associated with a solar hot water system to be installed to an orientation of not more than 90 degrees east or west of true north

MPAQ is looking forward to working with government for successful implementation of election commitments.

These include:

  1. To partner with industry through the commitment to assist with a $4 million investment to fit-out our World Leading Centre of Excellence Training Facility at Beenleigh for apprenticeship and post trade training. An apprenticeship in plumbing, fire protection or air-conditioning provides a person with a fantastic career to build a terrific life and this commitment will create equal opportunities in these great trades.

  2. As a priority in 2018 to pass the Plumbing and Drainage Act (noting the technical recommendations made by MPAQ within our submission to the Parliamentary Committee).

  3. The re-commitment to ensure laws:

    1. Sub-contractors get paid for the work that they do on time, every time and in full through the review and regulation process.

    2. Maintain the Services Trades Council

    3. Maintain Non-conforming Building Products laws

  4. The commitment to address the costs and risks that have been imposed on tradespeople in regards to occupational and contractor licensing.

  5. The commitment to review the resourcing of the QBCC

Plumbing protects the health and safety of our community, and we look forward to working closely with the Labor Government and the responsible Minister in the coming years to improve the services protecting everyday Queenslanders.



For further information contact:

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Executive Director
Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland
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