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Trade Associations Come Together to Stand up for Project Back Accounts

Joint Media Release

National Fire Industry Association
Master Plumbers’ Association of QLD
Air Conditioning & Mechanical Contractors’ Association

The National Fire Industry Association (NFIA), Master Plumbers’ Association of Qld (MPA) and the Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors’ Association (AMCA) have today called on the Queensland Government to stand up for Project Bank Accounts.

Despite being from different trades, all three of these large trade associations agree that it’s critical that people are paid for work carried out in full and on time. NFIA CEO Wayne Smith said Project Bank Accounts are an important step in making sure that people who do the work should get paid for their work.

“If a nurse, teacher or paramedic worked seven days and only got paid for two, no one would say that’s fair, so why should hard working people in the building industry be treated any differently.”

“We welcome the Palaszczuk Governments efforts in this area and in particular the work of Minister de Brenni to introduce Project Bank Accounts which provide security of payment for our members in the fire protection industry” Mr Smith said.

Master Plumbers’ Association CEO Penny Cornah said a recent report revealed that annually the building and construction industry is owed close to $3 billion.

“There isn’t a plumber or contractor that hasn’t been the victim of non-payment or extreme late payment, and that’s simply not good enough” Ms Cornah said.

“The Master Plumbers’ Association of Qld are strong supporters of Project Bank Accounts which will ensure that plumbers are paid for the work they undertake.”

AMCA Executive Director Graham Mackrill said that if a business goes bankrupt, that shouldn’t mean they can take other businesses with them because they didn’t pay their bills.

“Often a whole payment for work already completed will be held up just because a small part of the work is in dispute, this initiative makes sure that sub-contractors are not left out of pocket.”

Not everyone in the building and construction industry is exposed to the coal-face of the everyday work that sub-contractors carry out and may not see the impact that non-payment can have on individuals and their business.

We urge the Queensland Government to stand up for fairness in the industry and not be swayed by the vested interests of some who may be ignorant of the reality on the ground.


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