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Appointment of a New Female Plumbing Ambassador

14 March 2017

Carlie Low was appointed as MPAQ’s new Female Plumbing Ambassador for 2017 at the World Plumbing Day celebrations held on Friday 10 March. 

At this event over 350 people attended and participated in the Industry’s biggest breakfast and golf day hosted by the Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland (MPAQ).

The purpose of the female plumbing ambassadorship is to promote the trade to women and encourage them to consider it as a future career path. The ambassadorship will play an important role with MPAQ throughout 2017. Carlie is passionate about attracting more women to learn a trade and enjoys speaking at schools and colleges to encourage students to consider an apprenticeship.

MPAQ Executive Director, Penny Cornah, said “We are very excited to announce the second MPAQ Female Plumbing Ambassador in what will be a significant step forward for an industry in which female participation has historically been low, but we see that changing for the better!” 

Carlie is a licensed plumber, drainer and gasfitter. After several years working in this field, Carlie turned her attention to further developing her experience and was appointed as a Brisbane City Council Plumbing Inspector in 2004. In this position, Carlie has built a sound knowledge base and industry network as she has rotated through a series of compliance functions, which include commercial application assessment, domestic and commercial plumbing inspectors and investigating plumbing complaints. 

This year, the ambassadorship will focus on raising awareness to students about studying an apprenticeship and explaining where a trade can take them. Carlie is the perfect role model and candidate to do these presentations. 

Congratulations to Carlie on being appointed as this year’s Female Ambassador for Plumbing. 

About World Plumbing Day and Plumbers

World Plumbing Day is an international event on 11 March initiated by the World Plumbing Council.

World Plumbing Day seeks to highlight the vital role that plumbers play in maintaining and protecting the health and safety of the community through the provision of clean drinking water and the appropriate management of waste. The plumbing industry makes an extraordinary contribution to human health, the environment and prosperity; however, it is minimally recognised. In recent years, we have seen an increase in awareness of water and energy usage, and the plumbing industry is proactive in promoting the accurate and timely management of water supplies. Population growth coupled with an increase in urbanisation reveals that management of water supplies and waste water services is of paramount importance in Australia. 

Plumbing plays one of the most vital roles in managing the health and safety of the local community, as well as the wider community. It is for this reason that it is so import that plumbers are publicly recognised for their hard work and long studied skills. 

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