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Safety First for Impending Storms in South East Queensland

With several days of severe storms predicted in South East Queensland by the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM), the Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland (MPAQ) is urging everyone to ensure that plumbing is a key priority in storm preparation.

Summer may be over but storm season has no real end date, so it is important to be prepared all year round. President of the Association, Mr Kelvin Slade said there are some very basic rules for home owners and residents to remember.

“Clear out gutters, and check for roof and gutter leaks, clear debris and articles away from storm water drainage points and clear water run off areas,” he says.

“Remember that flooding caused by water that rises as opposed to rain that falls may not be covered by insurance. To assist against this, storm water drains should also be checked to ensure they are clear and running.”

Mr Slade said it’s also a good time to check on the durability of rain water tanks and tank guards.

“Owners of rainwater tanks would be well advised to check the condition of tank guards, especially if the tanks are more than four years old. If you are unsure if you’ve suitably prepared for the storms, find your local licensed plumber to assist you.”

If you would like help finding a licensed master plumber in your area, you can call the MPAQ office on 07 3273 0800.

“People should also know that they shouldn’t leave buckets and alike filled with water. These form perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes that can carry such nasties as Ross River and Dengue Fever.”

Mr Slade said parents need to be aware of the dangers of letting kids play in flooded drains or waterways after storms.

“The water can in fact be dangerous and carry tremendous force. We shouldn’t assume it’s safe for a quick game. Also storms can cause sewer and other drains to back up and the water can become quite contaminated.”

Mr Slade is also urging residents to keep the emergency phone number of a licensed plumber on hand.

“If you suffer damage during a storm and find toilets are backed up, or you experience significant drainage problems then you’ll need a plumber fast. Keep an emergency number handy.”

MPAQ is also reminding residents that when conducting any maintenance around the home, to be aware of overhead service lines that run from a power pole in the street and connect to the front of the house.

“It is critical that persons or objects do not come into contact with any overhead power lines,” said Mr Slade. “Look up and live.”

Always remember: if it is flooded, forget it.

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